No more searching the web to find activities during your stay
welcome to Jolydays!

Do you want to discover fun and original activities and services? So follow the guide.

1I login or create my user account on Jolydays

2I select my destination country and my dates of stay

I enter my destination then my start and end dates or I authorize my geocalisation and I access directly benefits.

3I choose my universe

Leisure, Traditions, Culture, Luxury-Well Being & Beauty, Outings and Local Life.

4I add the activity, accommodation or transport of my choice on my schedule

I choose my activities and / or services according to my desires.

5I plan my schedule as I wish and for me to play ...

I validate and pay immediately my schedule or I save it to come back later with ease.

6I receive the necessary information by email (identifiers, planning details, itineraries ...)

7I download my application for optimal use on the spot

To know: A last minute desire
Geolocated from my mobile, I receive on my Jolypratic app (free) benefits and suggestions proposed by Jolydays

8I visualize my schedule on my mobile

I access my schedule from my app and on the site. So I can calmly enjoy my benefits and activities.

9I share my adventures with my friends on social networks.